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Krenite® S (15 gal. Drum - Returnable/ Refillable)

Price : $1,732.50
This product is not available for sale in AK, AZ, CA, or HI.

Krenite® S is a water-soluble liquid to be mixed in water and applied as a foliar spray for control and/or growth suppression of many woody species.

Two quarts of Clean Cut are recommended for best results.

Contains 4 lbs. of Fosamine per gallon.

Closed Chain of Custody (CCC) Program:
Minimum order of 150 gallons (10 drums/1 Pallet)
Customer will fill 2 ½’s via a 12V pump (10 gpm) and closed system connector
Shrink wrap empties on pallet and call for pick up when you have 1 or more pallets ready

Benefits include reducing container disposal, reducing claims, and no triple rinsing. 

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